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About Our Company

Our work is focused on keeping our clients happy in the short and long term.

Jose Chavez Senior began his tree business in 1979. He always kept it as a family business. He would take his kids to work teaching them about trees and giving them the hands on skills. His business was a success and people loved his work. After he passed in 2007, Jose Chavez Jr., his son, was determined to honor his father by transforming his family business into a larger scale. He began by learning more skills, doing much of the work himself, saving up, and soon was able to buy a new truck. One truck, turned into 2, to 3, and now, too many. He trained more staff, passing on the knowledge, and hired more workers to be a part of his team.

He continued to keep his father’s respected name by doing what his father had always taught him, staying onsite until the work is completed, keeping everything clean, and most importantly, having heart for the work will keep people happy and satisfied. In 2011, Jose Chavez Jr. gave it the name “One Day Tree Service”

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first, and we do. – Jose Chavez Jr.

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Meet Our Team

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Office Staff

Operations & Management

With new projects coming in and multiple jobs each day, keeping everything organized involves a great staff. Our staff have it under control.

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Professional Climbers

Experienced Climbers

Someone has to do the job, right? These guys have no fear of heights. Our climbers have over 12 years of tree climbing talent.

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Grounds Men

Ground Workers

The skill isn't only in the labor, whether it's trimming, cutting, digging, building, painting, or cleaning, its in years of team work communication and work flow.