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HOA Apartment Services

In addition to tree trimming and removal, One Day Tree Service is relied on for complete landscaping maintenance services. We work with Home Owner Associations that run apartment complexes and other properties in and around Los Angeles. Meeting HOA landscaping requirements can be a challenge, but we know how to navigate various requirements and meet all the quality expectations of board members.

We have professional knowledge in every aspect of property landscaping. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, which includes ensuring our service provides as little disruption as possible to residents and that work areas do not pose any hazards.

Top-Quality HOA Landscaping Maintenance

We know how the condition of your property is essential to your management plan. Our team assesses the condition of all trees on your grounds to ensure there are no safety risks. Pruning is completed to maintain the condition of trees, and ensure their beauty and value, while tree removal is performed quickly and safely when necessary.

With One Day Tree Service, you can expect:

  • All work areas on the property to be kept clean and safe
  • Identification of any potential hazards due to tree placement and condition
  • Solutions to diseased, dying, or dead trees or tree overcrowding
  • Mitigation of immediate risks and potential property damage
  • A long-term maintenance plan to address existing/potential tree hazards
  • Consistent efforts to maintain healthy trees and preventing the spread of disease
  • Complete removal of dead trees and stumps
  • Proper placement of trees to help reduce heating/cooling costs
  • Diligent watering, mulching, and fertilizing to ensure trees are well cared for
  • Improved aesthetics and function with expertise in how trees improve the value of your property

HOA Landscaping You Can Depend On

We are one of the most trusted HOA landscape maintenance companies in Los Angeles. Residents, property owners, and homeowner associations across the area rely on us for safe and effective tree care and removal. Our company is responsible for the beauty and value of apartment complexes and neighborhoods, so they represent the natural splendor of Southern California.

Partnering with HOAs is one of our specialties. Our staff is professionally trained, and our company is fully insured. Before completing any job, we conduct a full evaluation of landscaping and tree health to ensure the best quality of service possible.

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