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Professional Tree Services in Highland Park

We provide high-quality tree removal, tree trimming, and tree planting services in Highland Park. One Day Tree Service can help maintain your landscape and effectively deal with common problems that occur with pines, palm trees, shade trees, and other arboreal elements often found around homes and businesses in the area. We began as a small family business in 1979, which was built into the company it is today in 2011. Home and business owners in Highland Park depend on us for:

Tree Removal in Highland Park

Tree removal requires training and expertise. Our team is equipped with the right tools to get the job done quickly and right the first time. Many trees don’t survive long in an urban environment, given the amount of traffic, air pollution, and various other factors. When a tree begins to show signs of decay and death, we can take action and safely remove it from your property. Our tree removal specialists are accustomed to working from heights and taking care to prevent any harm to your home or business.

Tree Stump Removal in Highland Park

Tree stumps are unsightly and can reduce property value. Worst of all, they can be a danger to neighbors and children who trip over them. A stump can make it hard to mow your lawn and takes up valuable space. It can even attract ants, termites, and other pests. Using manual tools, harsh chemicals, or setting fire to the stump can be dangerous and ineffective. Experienced in stump grinding, our technicians eliminate the stump in no time and leave you with smooth, fresh ground or a space to plant a new tree.

Tree Trimming in Highland Park

As branches decay, we can remove them before they damage homes, vehicles, and power lines or injure someone below. We can also take down damaged fronds, so palm trees remain as safe as they are beautiful. Removal of palm tree drupes, which can stain pavement and create a safety hazard, is one of our capabilities as well. In many cases, we can identify tree diseases early and treat them, saving the tree. Whether trees have become overgrown or a more specific aesthetic solution is needed, our team in Highland Park can help.

All Your Tree Service Needs Covered

At One Day Tree Service, we can address encroaching tree roots, install root barriers, and irrigation and drip systems for your garden. A wide range of landscaping services are available as well; and our team will tend to your trees and shrubs along the way. Other services we offer include repairing pavers, patios, and driveways, and replacing or rebuilding wooden pergolas and fences.

Contact One Day Tree Service

No matter what type of service you need, you can trust our company to provide tree trimming/removal and stump removal in Highland Park. Our team consists of professional climbers and ground workers. A dedicated office staff contributes operations and management support to keep our process organized and customer service exceptional. The combined team at One Day Tree Service enables us to provide the highest quality residential, commercial, and HOA apartment tree service in the Los Angeles area. To schedule a visit, call 800-716-9336 today!