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Sod and plant installation

Installing and Repairing Pergolas, Fences, and Woodwork

Wood construction provides a warm, inviting area to gather in the outdoors, and makes a stunning focal point upon which to create the backyard and outdoor dining experiences that bring families and neighborhoods together.

Design and Construction Features of Pergolas and Gazebos

These outdoor living spaces might be traditional or modern, and can be made of wood or metal, with latticework to provide shady breezes. Screening or even window glass can extend the comfort and all-season use of these structures in the Los Angeles climate.

Pergolas might be square, round, or hexagonal. Garden arbors and trellises offer matching designs and draw visitors to explore further, showcasing flowerbeds and statuary. Choosing to add or restore an outdoor living space can truly transform your landscape and make it a comfortable place to relax.

The Benefits of Pergolas, Fences, and Fresh Woodwork

Some additional benefits of adding new fences and outdoor woodwork to your property include:

  • Adding purpose and desirable destination points to your yard which encourage your family to get active and use this space.
  • Replacing open grass with places to enjoy the outdoors increases the aesthetic and monetary value of your home.
  • Providing privacy and seclusion with drapes, bamboo blinds, or latticework lets you enjoy your yard without being on display.
  • Blocking unpleasant views or traffic noise with solid fencing can dramatically change your outdoor environment.
  • Replacing unsafe or unattractive woodwork or old fencing will help prevent accidents or injuries.
  • Providing places for vertical gardening along fences, vining plants or climbing roses on latticework or arbors, and hanging plants around pergolas or gazebos brings your garden up into eye-level view and drastically increases gardening space.
  • Creating shade and protection from harsh elements allows your family and guests to enjoy more days outside, as well as protecting delicate plants by creating micro-climates where they have shelter or shade.

Maintenance Tips for Pergolas, Fences, and Woodwork

Taking care of your fences, pergolas, and outdoor woodwork is easy with these simple tips:

  • Remove all furniture from your pergola before hosing it down with a detergent safe for the material used in construction.
  • If needed, scrub with a bristle brush or an old toothbrush to remove stains from wood, marks on vinyl, or rust from metal.
  • Apply wood sealant or other finish protectant to fences and pergolas each year—or call us for regular service to keep your new or restored woodwork looking great all year long.

Have It Made in the Shade with One Day Tree Service

Putting up a pergola, fixing a fence, or repairing and restoring your existing wooden structures doesn’t need to be an exhausting project. Call us and enjoy private moments in the shade or relaxing entertaining in areas you never thought possible. Our reliable and experienced team can turn your backyard into an oasis in just a few days, so let’s get started on yours today!

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