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Tree Services in Monterey Park

Monterey Park is a quiet suburban city near Los Angeles where residents take pride in their beautiful landscape. The community is within the service area of One Day Tree Service. Our tree care and landscaping professionals provide maintenance year-round and help keep properties aesthetic and safe.

Providing honest and dependable services, we are highly rated with hundreds of positive Yelp reviews. In fact, our team has successfully completed projects representing all scopes and sizes.

Tree Trimming in Monterey Park

Tree trimming helps beautify properties and maintain the health of all types of trees. By removing dead branches, a tree’s life can be extended; this can also eliminate safety issues. If a heavy branch or palm tree frond/drupe is at risk of causing property damage, our professionals can quickly remove it. Our tree trimmers can also help in the early treatment of various tree diseases.

Tree Removal in Monterey Park

Tree removal is never an easy decision, but a necessary one. Aged, severely diseased, or dying trees must be removed to mitigate or prevent aesthetic and safety issues. Our professional arborists can account for the species of tree, its overall condition, and nearby features such as buildings, power lines, fencing, etc.

One Day Tree Service provides professional stump removal in Monterey Park as well. Tree stumps can be dangerous and, at the very least, unsightly. They can reduce your property value and cause harm to people and equipment, such as lawnmowers.

Removing a tree stump is difficult without the right tools and experience. Fortunately, our crews can grind them up quickly until there’s not a trace of an imposing stump on your property.

Tree Planting Services in Monterey Park

Whether you want to replace an old and/or removed tree or wish to further beautify your home, apartment complex, or place of business, we can help. Trees can provide shade and sun management, attract birds and pollinators, and provide year-round beauty. By providing professional care, we can protect any trees against diseases and drought.

Landscaping Services

We also address the landscaping needs of Monterey Park property owners. Our technicians can test soil to determine what treatment is needed to help trees, plants, and shrubbery thrive. Trees can be adequately placed to help improve energy efficiency with shade.

We also install automatic/manual watering systems and irrigation features to direct rainwater away from buildings. Home and business owners also depend on us to build, repair, and maintain patios, sidewalks, and walkways. Our team installs gazebos, pergolas, and fencing as well. When wood structures start to rot, we can manage various types of woodwork.

Call One Day Tree Service

Our staff is experienced at providing professional tree care, trimming, and removal, as well as landscaping services. When you need tree removal in Monterey Park, our team is ready to assist residential and commercial customers and HomeOwner Associations. Call 800-716-9336 today to request service.