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Who We Serve: Commercial Clients and Property Owners

The trees and landscaping on your commercial property is an asset which should be managed to enhance your property’s value and improve the curb appeal of your business. Well-cared-for trees and foliage provide a first impression of your commercial property, and professional tree service in Los Angeles and the surrounding area is a practical business necessity.

The Business Benefits of Professional Tree Service

Our beautiful climate offers a wide range of shade trees, palms, and flowering shrubs which create a welcoming and impressive entrance to your business or rental properties. Our landscapers can even create a palate of your company’s signature colors or design a modern clean look for tech companies and elegant condominiums.

Some of the practical benefits of maintaining your commercial property’s trees and foliage are:

  • Providing comfortable outdoor spaces for employees, tenants, or customers to enjoy
  • Maintaining palm trees to reduce pests and debris around your entryways and public areas
  • Removing diseased trees, or those which drop fruit, touch buildings, or raise sidewalks and pavers
  • To improve your brand image by enhancing the beauty and well-maintained look of your commercial property

Commercial Landscape and Tree Services We Offer

At One Day Tree Service, we take care of local businesses, rental buildings, and government facilities in these ways:

  • Experienced and professional tree removal in Los Angeles and the surrounding area using the right equipment and techniques for safety and reliability
  • Pruning, branch removal, and appropriate tree trimming for all species and types of trees and shrubs to keep your property looking its best
  • Storm cleanup and removal of damaged or fallen trees with fast emergency service
  • Stump grinding and replanting of appropriate trees to replace lost assets and add property value
  • Removal of trees, shrubs, or plants which may cause personal injury through dropping fruit or branches, or otherwise creating an unsafe or unsanitary condition on your property
  • Reducing pest problems by eliminating nesting places, dead foliage, brush piles, or food sources
  • Improving the energy efficiency of your buildings with properly placed shade trees, annual vines, or structures to lower cooling costs and shade the interior furnishings from sun damage
  • Changing or install landscape features which properly direct rainwater away from buildings and other features
  • Installing automatic or manually controlled watering systems which can yield significant savings on watering costs
  • Construction, maintenance, and repair of patios, sidewalks, and walkways around your building for the enjoyment and safety of your tenants, employees, and customers
  • Installation of gazebos, poolside structures, landscaping, and protective fencing to meet building codes and direct foot traffic to your focal points and activities
  • Complete cleanup after all services performed, leaving your property ready for the perfect first impression

Proudly Serving Los Angeles Businesses and Commercial Property Owners

One Day Tree Service is a family-owned business with a passion for serving local businesses with experienced landscaping and tree removal in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. With competitive prices and superior service, we have excellent customer review ratings and deep pride in the work we do to keep Southern California businesses beautiful. Contact us today to schedule a visit and evaluation of your commercial property for potential landscape problems or to schedule regular tree service and prevent problems before they grow bigger.