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Key Benefits of Timely Tree & Palm Services

Palm trees are one of the treasured signature trees of the Los Angeles area, sometimes reaching incredible heights with the right care and maintenance. However, when these giants are diseased or dying, their sheer size makes palm tree removal a job for the experts.

That’s where One Day Tree Service comes in. They can provide the regular maintenance that helps keep pines, shade trees, or palm trees healthy, and remove trees that are causing problems or are becoming a danger.

Prevent These Problems with Professional Tree Service

Our insured professionals will provide the right care for all your trees by:

  • Removing palm tree drupes, which create stains on pavement, may pose a safety issue, and can damage vehicles or nearby property.
  • Taking down damaged or heavy fronds that can actually injure people or damage property by falling from a height.
  • Preventing branches or dying trees from falling on powerlines or houses by removing them proactively.
  • Managing problems with tree roots that can lift pavement or foundations, as well as repairing holes left when a tree is uprooted. Mature palm tree roots may extend up to 50 feet from the tree trunk.
  • Identifying and treating tree diseases early to protect landscape health and save trees.
  • Removing dead palm fronds that can serve as homes for colonies of rodents and insects.
  • Offer advice and landscaping services to provide the best growing environment for your trees and a healthy environment around your home or business.

Keeping Palm Trees Healthy in Los Angeles

There are many species of palm tree, some thriving in full sun and some evolved for more shady conditions. All of them, however, need these basic conditions to thrive:

  • Well drained, slightly acidic soil. If soil is clay, add drainage or soil amendments to prevent standing water around the base of palm trees.
  • Plenty of water. While over-watering or waterlogged soils might turn fronds yellow, palm trees require 25 gallons of water per week for good health.
  • Unique fertilizers. Palm trees are sensitive to high levels of phosphorus, so a tree-specific fertilizer is the best choice to prevent yellowing or loss of foliage from nutrient deficiency.

Solving Tree Problems Since 2007

With so many years of experience with tree trimming, maintenance, and palm tree removal services, One Day Tree Service will bring pleasant, prompt, and professional service to your home or business landscape. Your palm trees and foliage will be the envy of your neighborhood with our regular care and considerate cleanup.

Contact us today to schedule a visit, and enjoy the beautiful weather without worry about what’s under the palm tree. We can be there the very next day to beautify the space around you.

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