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Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Cost Guide

How much does it cost to cut down a tree? There are a number of factors that affect trimming or tree removal costs, but averages range from $150 up to about $1,500 in our area. Additional services such as stump grinding or removal improve the finished look and prevent future landscape problems.

What Factors Influence Tree Removal Cost?

Every property and landscape is different, and present unique obstacles or dangers when it comes time to remove or trim a tree. Some of these factors include:

  • Ease of access to the tree which needs service
  • The diameter, height, spread, and condition of the tree
  • The species of tree to be removed or trimmed
  • Nearby features of concern including power lines, buildings, fences, and other landscape features

Additional Tree Services Available

Our customers in the Los Angeles area may choose these additional services which would add to the average cost of tree removal:

  • Stump removal, which averages $60-$350 in most cases
  • Stump grinding, which starts at about $75 and goes up based on the size and location of the stump
  • Use of a crane to trim and tend to damaged or overgrown trees without the need for removal
  • Chipping of branches and small trees into usable landscape mulch
  • Cutting and splitting of the tree into firewood
  • Repairing landscape damage from storms or fallen trees
  • Replanting trees better suited to your landscape

Schedule a Visit for an Accurate Quote

At One Day Tree Service we are happy to provide a detailed quote and can complete the work quickly and clean up debris with friendly professionalism. While our average cost of tree removal may be comparable to other companies, the quality of our work and equipment will provide the superior results you’re after for your home or business.

From branch trimming to removing problem trees, our team has the expertise and experience to care for your healthy trees and safely remove diseased or fallen trees. There is no substitute for professional tree removal that fits your budget and improves the safety and value of your property. Call us today to schedule a visit and find out how much it will cost to cut down that  tree tomorrow.