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Who We Serve – Residential Clients and Homeowners

We focus on each client individually, bringing the skills of our experienced tree service team to your residential landscape with professional tree service in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area. Working with you one-on-one to preserve, protect, and improve the trees and foliage around your home is a welcome opportunity to connect with our neighbors and customers.

There is so much more to tree service and landscape maintenance than tree trimming and lawn mowing. One Day Tree Service understands that your home is one of your largest investments, and maintaining or improving its value goes beyond having pride in a well-groomed and landscaped yard.

Relax at Home While We Take Care of the Rest

Your hours at home with family are precious and best enjoyed in the shade, patio, or recreation areas surrounding your home rather than working to build or maintain those spaces. Take back your weekends and enjoy mornings or evenings in beautiful and relaxing outdoor areas.

Some benefits you can enjoy with our professional landscaping service and tree removal in Los Angeles include:

  • Improving property values and curb appeal for your home and the entire neighborhood
  • Maintaining healthy trees and preventing the spread of tree-killing diseases by getting rid of dead trees and stumps
  • Removing dangerous trees or hanging limbs that could injury your family or damage your property
  • Encouraging your family to be more active with outdoor spaces and activities right outside your door
  • Increasing energy savings with properly placed and maintained foliage which reduces heating and cooling costs
  • Enjoying the stress-relieving benefits of spending time with family and friend in beautiful outdoor spaces every day
  • Knowing that your trees and plants are being watered, mulched, fertilized, trimmed, and cared for while you are busy with other things

Serving California Homeowners with Residential Tree Service in Los Angeles

The professional team at One Day Tree Service in Los Angeles brings more than 30 years of experience helping homeowners with all their tree trimming, removal, and landscaping needs. As a locally-based business, we take pride in the professional quality service we offer to the neighborhoods we share and the families we serve.

When you as an individual homeowner choose local residential tree service and maintenance, you make a difference in your community every day. Partner with us to protect the beauty and health of your local landscape and do your part to keep southern California a thriving and verdant community full of healthy palm trees, shade trees, evergreens, and flowering shrubs everyone can enjoy.

If you are searching for safe and trusted tree removal in Los Angeles, or want to see what our team can do to help you enjoy more of your home and family time, contact us for an evaluation and free quote. We have the equipment and know-how to beautify and manage the health of the environment where you and your family spend the best time—your yard and home.