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Palm and Tree Planting Services in El Monte

Are you looking to beautify your landscaping with the addition of a wide array of different trees? From palms to shade trees and other trees, One Day Tree Service offers professional palm- and tree-planting services in El Monte.

We listen to your needs and then pick the right mix of pine trees, palm trees, and shade trees to meet your needs while giving your yard a beautiful appearance. We also can help resolve other tree issues and concerns like shrubbery, creating new landscapes, and taking care of landscaping and tree planting for new-construction homes.

Pergolas, Fences, and Woodwork in El Monte

At One Day Tree Service, we are more than just a tree and landscaping company. We also design, build, fix, repair, and replace pergolas, fences, and other woodwork at your El Monte home. Let us know what type of structure you want, and we can help make it a reality.

Pavers, Patios, and Driveways in El Monte

We can help add more value to your home by fixing, repairing, resealing, or replacing your walkways, driveways, pavers, or concrete patio. We can also help design and create new walkways and patios for your home.

Tree Trimming in El Monte

A part of maintaining tree health comes with tree trimming in El Monte. Trees need to be trimmed and shaped for a stunning appearance. Trimming also helps encourage new growth and stronger roots. Plus, you won’t have to worry about tree branches overhanging the roof of your home or touching cable and power lines.

Tree Removal in El Monte

Do you need to thin some trees on your property? Maybe you are clearing out trees to build your dream home. You might have dying and dead trees that create risks of falling over and onto your home. One Day Tree Service can take on all of your tree removal El Monte service needs to keep your home looking great.

Landscape and Maintenance in El Monte

Maintaining the look and appearance of your yard is easier with professional landscaping and maintenance services from us in El Monte. We can create a custom landscaping package that includes tree trimming, shrub trimming, mulching, and other such services to give your home the best curb appeal in the neighborhood.

Irrigation and Drip Systems in El Monte

Does your existing irrigation or drip system need servicing? Maybe you are tired of forgetting to water your flowers, trees, yard, and other vegetation. Have One Day Tree Service take care of all of your irrigation and drip systems repairs, maintenance, and installations at your El Monte home.

Tree Stump Removal in El Monte

Do you have dead tree stumps sticking out of the ground, distracting from the curb appeal of your landscaping? Have us remove these and replace them with new trees. Stump removal in El Monte is also recommended to avoid attracting termites and other wood-eating pests.

To find out more how we can help beautify your home with our landscaping, maintenance, pavers, patios, driveways, stump removal, irrigation and drip systems, pergolas, fences, woodwork, tree trimming, tree removal, and palm- and tree-planting services in El Monte, please feel free to contact us at (800) 716-9336 today!

We look forward to discussing your needs, creating a customized solution, and providing you with a no-obligation quote.