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Professional Tree and Landscaping Services in Eagle Rock

At One Day Tree Service, our experienced gardening, landscaping, and tree removal technicians are committed to maintaining the integrity, beauty, and safety of properties across the Los Angeles area. We offer tree planting services in Eagle Rock plus reliable tree trimming and removal when necessary. Property owners in the area rely on their trees and greenery to contribute to the beauty and safety of their communities. For us, it’s always about the detail, whether working with residential and commercial clients or Homeowner Associations.

Tree Removal in Eagle Rock

Trees, including palms, can become a danger when a harsh environment, disease, or age takes a toll. If a tree has deteriorated, we will remove it before it falls on your house or a power line. Tree root problems can lift pavement or foundations. We can cut back or remove roots if necessary. When at all possible, we work to identify tree diseases early and treat them. This can save trees from an untimely demise and protect your landscape as well.

Stump Removal in Eagle Rock

After a tree has succumbed to the elements, oftentimes a stump is left behind. Stumps are imposing, not just for their poor aesthetics, but because they can reduce the function and safety of your property. They can be dangerous, as someone can trip over a stump or it can damage a lawnmower or other equipment. We provide a professional stump grinding service that saves time, improves curb appeal, adds space to your yard, and protects your family, neighbors, employees, or customers.

Tree Trimming in Eagle Rock

Tree trimming keeps trees looking beautiful. It also involves cutting branches that may fall or spread disease to the rest of the tree. We can remove dead palm fronds, damaged or heavy fronds, and palm tree drupes that can damage property, create safety hazards, and stain pavement. Tree trimming can avoid more costly work and maintain the health of the plant. We can complete a trimming job quickly and clean up debris afterward, working to care for healthy trees before they become diseased.

Other Services

Our professional technicians also provide landscape maintenance services to plant and maintain healthy grass, provide shade, and create a safe outdoor space. We remove and prevent weeds as well. When tending to landscaping, we can work with any sized yard or property and can install/repair irrigation systems, construct pergolas, and install root barriers, fences, and paving materials for pathways, patios, and driveways.

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Clients in Eagle Rock depend on One Day Tree Service to maintain the beauty and safety of their properties. From tree trimming to stump removal, to planting and other landscaping services, our team possesses a diverse range of experience and works with the smallest of details. To learn more or schedule service, call us at 800-716-9336 today.