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Tree Care Services in Pasadena, CA

We are a full-service landscaping company dedicated to meeting the tree care needs of homes and businesses in Pasadena. Our mission is to complete all projects with honesty and integrity, while maintaining the beauty of your property. Whether it’s tree planting, trimming, or tree/stump removal in Pasadena, we tend to every detail, ensuring each job is complete and every work site is clean when we’re done. Leaving the streets and properties of Pasadena looking fresh and beautiful isn’t an obligation—it is at the core of our philosophy.

Tree Trimming in Pasadena

Regular trimming can keep trees healthy, eliminate hanging limbs that can be a danger to people, and prevent diseases that can kill trees. It can do anything from improving curb appeal to providing a comfortable, shaded place for office employees, customers, or apartment building tenants. By maintaining palm trees, the amount of debris and pests near entryways and public spaces can be greatly reduced. We remove damaged branches, dead foliage, and prune trees and brush to make properties look neat and well-kept.

Tree Removal in Pasadena

If a tree is severely diseased, dead, or otherwise a threat to your property, family, employees, clients, or customers, our landscaping professionals can safely remove it. Hazards such as falling branches or fruit can be addressed through removal as well, so safety and sanitary conditions are restored. Tree removal requires strategy, experience, and respect for your property. Our team can accomplish the task safely and effectively while maintaining or improving property value.

Stump Removal in Pasadena

A tree stump is unsightly and a trip and fall hazard. There aren’t too many ways to remove a stump safely and efficiently by yourself. We use professional tree stump grinding tools to completely remove a stump fast so people can walk, children can play, and you can mow your lawn safely. Stump removal also makes it easier for tasks such as gardening, landscaping, or picnicking. It can even keep certain insects and pests away.

Other Landscaping Services

At One Day Tree Service, we work with residential and commercial property owners and provide HOA landscaping maintenance. Our capabilities include tree planting services in Pasadena focused on placement, shading, aesthetics, comfort, and safety as well as reduced energy usage. We also install irrigation and drip systems, repair walkways and driveways, and build patios. Wood installations, such as fences and pergolas, can be replaced, redesigned, and rebuilt by our experienced professionals as well.

Call for Tree and Landscaping Care in Los Angeles

We serve customers throughout the Los Angeles area and are ready to address your tree planting, removal, or trimming needs. Maintaining outdoor spaces is our specialty. Whether you need a new tree planted, an existing one pruned/removed, or stump removal in Pasadena, you can count on One Day Tree Service. Contact us online or call 800-716-9336 to request assistance.