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Tree Planting, Trimming, and Stump Removal in Silver Lake

Property owners throughout the Los Angeles area rely on us for tree service and other professional property maintenance. When tree removal in Silver Lake is a necessity, we are there, and home and business owners can trust our team for tree planting and trimming as well. Our professional climbers, ground workers, and office staff all contribute to excellent customer service and the best results possible with each job.

The expertise and passion of our business are rooted in the craftsmanship of Jose Chavez Senior. Our company has grown from a one-man operation in 1979 to a successful family-owned business serving communities across the area. Southern California is known for its beauty and closeness to nature, which also demands quality care for trees and landscapes.

Stump Removal in Silver Lake

tree surgeon cuts and trims trees

When a tree is diseased, decayed, or dies, it is often not enough to remove it. Any tree stump left behind is unsightly and a potential safety hazard. Someone can trip over it and the stump can also damage vehicles and other equipment, such as lawnmowers. In addition to taking up precious space, stumps can draw pests and decrease property value. We provide fast and effective stump grinding services; our technicians use powerful machines to get the job done so you have full use of your property again.

Tree Trimming in Silver Lake

Maintaining a tree ensures aesthetics and keeps it healthy. We can remove diseased branches or any parts of a tree damaged by storms. Our tree care professionals can overcome any obstacle, including the condition of a tree, its height and diameter and spread, and nearby structures such as houses, fences, hedges, and even power lines. Our team makes sure your trees look great and remain safe while working quickly. Call us today to schedule tree service so no issues continue to affect your property.

Tree Planting Services in Silver Lake

Whether you’re a homeowner, Homeowner’s Association, or commercial office facility manager, you can count on One Day Tree Service. We’ll plant new trees away from water and gas lines where roots can cause a problem but where they’ll provide comfort and shade. Whenever an old, damaged, or dying tree needs to be removed, our technicians will take care of it. We also remove damaged or heavy palm tree fronds, drupes, and roots that lift or crack pavement.

Landscaping Services in Silver Lake

We provide year-round landscaping services that not only protect your trees but maintain grass, remove weed, and manage shade and sunlight. Various steps can be taken to beautify your property. Whether you want to add pavers, add a patio or walkway, or install a fence or pergola, we can do that as well as install an irrigation system for your garden.

Call One Day Tree Service Today

We are a full-service landscaping company you can trust for everything from tree trimming to stump removal in Silver Lake. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals familiar with the tools and techniques needed to manage trees of various species. Projects across the area have been completed by our landscaping professionals. To learn more, send us a message online or call 800-716-9336.