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Tree Trimming and Stump Removal in Los Angeles

One Day Tree Service has been providing professional tree and landscaping services in the Los Angeles area for decades. We are proud to serve homeowners, commercial customers, and HOA clients in the area. Our mission is to ensure properties are maintained and look beautiful year-round, while our landscaping and tree professionals are attentive to every detail and the level of quality our clients expect.


Tree Trimming

Providing tree trimming in Los Angeles enables us to help beautify properties and maintain the health of trees in a variety of settings. Whether at a home or on an office campus, trees play a vital role in blending properties with the natural environment, providing shade, and contributing to property value. Trimming a tree, including a palm tree, also involves removing branches or fronds that are damaged or diseased and/or are at risk of falling and causing injury or damage.


Stump Removal Service

A stump can remain long after its parent tree is gone. It is hard to look at, reduces property value, and causes safety hazards. Anyone innocently walking by can trip if they’re not looking in the right place. Stumps can damage lawnmowers and other equipment. They can even attract insects and other unwanted guests. Fortunately, our technicians can remove a tree stump quickly and permanently, using powerful machines that remove any size of a stump in its entirety, so it will no longer be a problem.


Tree Removal in Los Angeles

Age, disease, and environmental factors play a role in how trees fare in Los Angeles. When a tree needs to be cut down, you don’t want to take risks. People and property can be seriously harmed if there’s a mistake. Our seasoned tree removal specialists can work with any species of tree and consider nearby obstacles such as buildings, power lines, and fences. We’ll remove the debris and, if possible, cut it up into firewood or landscape mulch. If a tree has fallen, we can repair any damage to the landscape it caused.


Tree Planting Services in Los Angeles

Whether to replace a previously fallen tree or one that has been cut down or to create a newly shaded area, we can serve all your tree-planting needs. Trees help define any landscape. We can help create a more productive outdoor space and provide shade that contributes to comfort and energy efficiency. We’ll even water, mulch, and fertilize your trees to ensure they receive the proper care.


Other Landscaping Services

We provide a full range of landscape maintenance services in Los Angeles, which includes maintaining grass, planting flowering shrubs, and preventing soil erosion. If you have a growing garden, let us help install an irrigation and drip system. Our team can also add or fix a patio, walkway, or driveway as well as replace, redesign, and rebuild pergolas and fences.


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Known for our honesty and dependability, our company has been repeatedly praised by satisfied customers. Our team possesses a variety of skills to complete a wide range of jobs. We are glad to service all the tree and landscape needs of our residential and commercial customers in Los Angeles. Schedule service at your site by calling 800-716-9336 today.