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Tree Trimming, Removal, and Stump Grinding Services in Alhambra, CA

At One Day Tree Service, we know how important property maintenance is to home and business owners in the beautiful city of Alhambra. Our tree specialists are ready to serve residential and commercial customers. They also work with Home Owner Associations to ensure all landscaping requirements are met in accordance with customers’ needs and local regulations. With satisfaction being our #1 priority, we guarantee quality results with minimal disruption, whether you need tree trimming in Alhambra or a troublesome stump removed.

Our team is available year-round to maintain leaves and branches. Customers depend on us for rapid stump grinding and tree planting and for protecting gardens and landscapes. Highly rated across the internet, our company is honest and dependable, backed by our landscaping professionals’ exceptional skills and attention to detail.

Tree/Landscape Maintenance

Trees, bushes, and other plants thrive year-round in Southern California, but their continuous growth often becomes problematic. Our tree-cutting service includes preventative steps such as removing damaged branches, palm tree fronds, and drupes. When tree roots begin to lift pavement or foundations, we can remove them and repair the damage left behind.

Our team provides tree-planting services in Alhambra whether you’re seeking to beautify your property or replace a lost tree. Other factors that can be addressed include soil acidity, fertilizer, and irrigation. We’ll even provide advice so you can better manage the landscaping around your home or business.

Tree Removal in Alhambra

Although we do our best to keep trees alive and healthy, the harsh environment in and around Alhambra can take a toll. Aging trees can become hazards to the neighborhood. Also, a decaying/dying tree has the opposite effect on curb appeal that a thriving one does.

Our professionals are experienced at removing trees safely. You can depend on us to quickly and effectively remove them to restore the beauty of your property.

Stump Removal in Alhambra

The job isn’t usually complete just by removing a tree. Stumps are not pretty to look at. Yet that’s not the worst of it—a child or passerby can be hurt if not aware of the stump. You could face liability for resulting injuries or damages.

A tree stump can damage a lawn mower, attract insects, and take up space you can use for picnicking or gardening. We use powerful grinding equipment to deal with the problem quickly, safely, and effectively.

Other Services

One Day Tree Service can help provide shade and sun for your outdoor space, keep it weed-free, and ensure its beauty. We can protect it against soil erosion and install irrigation and drip systems to support your garden. In addition, our expert team can repair your driveways and walkways; install a patio; or build or replace wood fences, pergolas, and other elements.

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We employ a multifaceted team of professional tree care, gardening, and landscaping experts who are honest and attentive to detail. If you need tree trimming or stump/tree removal in Alhambra, hire a professional right away. You can reach us online or call 800-716-9336 for immediate assistance.